103. Aglaj Rose 2015/16 – Vimmid winery

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On October 16, 2017
Last modified:July 27, 2017


Aglaja Rose2015: Color salmon-pink. Smell of strawberries. Medium to thinly body. On the palate refreshing middle taste of the strawberry and raspberry. Little pleasant sec ( predominant Cabernet) Rounded, nice balance, alcohol nicely integrated.
Middle finish with fresh fruity acid.
2016.:  Even better than an older brother 🙂 . Stronger, more aromatic, and softened acid. One of the summer hits this year.
Name : Aglaja Rose 2015
Style : dry rose wine,
Grape: blend, Merlot, Pino Noir,Prokupac
Producer: Vimmid winery, http://www.vinarija-vimmid.com/
Area: Negotin area,,Central ,Serbia
Price: 6-7 eur/ bottle 0.75l









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