105. Probus 2012 – Milanovic winery

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On October 30, 2017
Last modified:November 21, 2020


probus milanovic wineryNice, pleasurable smell of blueberries and plum jam. Dark, intensive red colour with violet nuances (so intensive that the cups were stained in purple) Full body, nice acidity, fruity taste. (My wife says: Thick, savoury blueberry juice with alcohol :)) Very good balance, well-integrated tannins (low-medium). Middle tasty finish with little bit fruity acidity. Extremely drinkable. Wine for couples.

Name : Probus 2012
Style: dry red wine, 13,3% alc
.Producer: Milanovic winery,
Grape : Probus,local kultivar, cross-breeding from Kadarka x Cabernet Sauvignon
Region : Surduk, Srem ,Vojvodina, Serbia
Price: 7 eur / 0.75l bottle
Open 30 min. before drinking.









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