108. UNS PETRA 2012 – varietal sweet wine

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On December 14, 2017
Last modified:December 13, 2017


Petra sweetThis is triple exoticism, grape is clone, wine was created by scientist,but in the end the result is an very good dessert wine. Very nice muscat smell,dry flowers and honey. color is light-gold.In the mouth aromatic , medium body, ( not too strong like last harvest wines)Taste : lichi, honey, orange peel, dry grape and walnuts. Medium to short finish with sweetness, little bit acidity and taste to some stone fruit.In our opinion,  is not too strong and sweet, and it can be consumed in all situations as an aperitif , as a dessert , alone For relaxation, with your loved one.. 🙂




Name : UNS PETRA 2012
Producer: University of Novi Sad – Faculty of Agriculture,
Region : Sremski Karlovci, Vojvodina, Serbia
Style: varietal sweet wine, 13,5 % alcohole, 25 g/l Residual sugar
Price: 8 eur / 0.5l bottle






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