110. Roshin Bermet 2010 – Dimitrijevic winery

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On December 30, 2017
Last modified:December 13, 2017


Color dark red. The smell of absinthe, mint and dried fruit. Full-bodied, of course it is Bermet :). In the mouth, the right balance of bittersweet taste (not a lot of sweat.). Taste: gentle absent, mint, nutmeg, orange peel, dried fruit
Alcohol very well integrated, do not feel 17%.. Nice smooth finish, bittersweet taste long stays in the mouth. For Bermet, medium strong and medium spicy, and therefore, very drinkable. Old style, that is hard to find.


Name Rosin:Bermet 2010
Style : Fortified sweet red wine, 17% alc.
Grape: mix
Producer: Podrum Dimitrijevic winery,
Area: Karlovci, Srem area,,Vojvodina,Serbia
Price: 8 eur/ bottle 0.75l







Bermet is a autochthonous **fortified**sweet aromatic wine that is a specialty of Sremski Karlovci, capital city of Fruska Gora wine region, Vojvodina, ( north ) Serbia. It is originally produced to be medicinally wine (like the original digestifs), but over time it became a dessert wine and aperitif. With the new style came the new taste too, so instead of wine where dominated medical herbs as absinthe wormwood and juniper-berries, today Bermet are quite sweet and contain vanilla, mint, nutmeg, cinnamon….
Bermet is produced from assorted red or white wine , late harvest and dry grapes, non-fermented sugar, spices and medical herbs (experts say that Bermet should have between 17 and 35 constituents) . All that are dipped together in large vessels which stands until the winemaker is not satisfied (recipe to prepare is the closely guarded family secret) then filtrated and that’s it. The result is very aromatic wine, between 16 and 18% of alcohole , real delicacy, popular in Europian corts since the time of The Habsburg Empress Maria Theresa. ( there was try legend about Empress : she had eleased the citisens of Sremski Karlovci from the military service. in order to be free to make bermet, especially made for her, with 27 secret ingredients, which she enjoyed together with their elected servants)

What else. ? There are white and red Bermet wines .White are generally more sweet, real dessert wine, and contain more aromatic ingredients. Red are also mostly dessert wines, but they are generally less sweet, and sometimes can even be found in old style red Bermet in which wormwood and mint prevail.
White Bermet has been in the spotlight recently, during the official visit of the Royal family from England.. Rumors say. that Prince Charls and Lady Camila were delighted with the desert wine after the official lunch with Crown Prince Alexander Karadjordjevic
In any case, if you can, try red and white. The unique domestic product, different from Vermouth, Porto and other sweet wines..


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