111. Tiska Perla 2012 – Tiska perla winery

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On January 6, 2018
Last modified:January 12, 2018


Tiska perlaColor light lemon. Mild Muscat fruity smell The body is low, nice texture. In the mouth pleasant fruity taste, also fruit acids, fresh., aromatic. In short finish quite dryness, not like muscat varieties.


What else ? It wine made by indigenous grape variety that grows only on Pearl island (Biserno ostrvo),Tisa river, near to Novi Becej, Vojvodina. Very rarely.
Since 2013, wine is called only”Perla” , the label is almost same.

Name : Tiska Perla
Style : dry white wine, 11.5 % alc
Grape: Muscat Krokan 100%
Producer: Tiska pearl winery , http://www.tiskaperla.rs/
Area: Biserno ostrva, Banat area, Vojvodina region
Price: 8-10 eur/ bottle 0.75l









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