115. Crvena Freska 2015 – Podrum Djordje winery

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On March 3, 2018
Last modified:February 26, 2018


Crvena Freska Djordje winery2015. The color is dark purple. Scent of cherry, blackberry and blackberry jam. In the mouth very aromatic and fruity, the dark cherry is prevalent and good fruity acidic acid. Good balance of alcohol and acid, mild tannins. Medium finish, full of berries and pleasant fruit acids.

2016. Color is lighter than previous version, but taste is fuller and better.
Very good wine !

What else ? Ladies love it very much, gentleman are not equally too. A classic Panonian red wine with a full-bodied flavor, that will be fit with any kind of food.
Name : Crvena Freska 2015
Style : dry red wine, 13,5 % alc.
Grape: BlauFraenkisch 100%
Producer: Djordje winery, http://www.vinarijadjordje.rs/
Area: Deliblatska pescara, South Banat area, Vojvodina region
Price: 8 eur/ bottle 0.75l




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