129. Knez Miskin 2016 – Patkov vinograd winery

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On August 4, 2018
Last modified:May 17, 2020



2016.Color light yellow. The smell is strong, sweet apple and flowers. In the mouth very aromatic, apple, melon ,and little herbaliness. The alcohol feels a little bit stronger than it should be, but acid balance is very good. Finish medium to long , fruity,  and very tasty.

What else ? Healthy and tasty wine, very natural. I had a lot of prejudices about this winery because the owner is one of the most famous women writers here, so the fame of the winery has spread to electronic media since they had planted the first grapes. I’m so glad that I made this estimation mistake . I do not doubt if they keep the same wine style, this will be one of  favorite white wines here.

Name : Knez Miskini 2016
Style : dry white wine, 11% alc.
Grape: mix, Welsh Riesling )90% , Rhine Reisling 10%
Producer: Patkov vinograd winery, https://patkovvinograd.business.site/
Area: Krcedin, Srem area,Vojvodina,Serbia
Price: 7 eur/ bottle 0.75l


The harvest 2017 brought a new taste and because of the this, winemakers decided to show it with a new name and a new label (right on the picture).
So “Majstor i Margarita” (as novel by Mikhail Bulgakov), smell of tropical fruit,
in the mouth taste of citrus and apple, very good balanced,medium long fruity finish. I noticed that it should not be too cold. A little stronger and more aromatic than 2016, but, in my opinion, the same style.

2018 well now we really have a difference,a strong, oily, aromatic Grasevina (Reisling Italico) totally different from its predecessors, a typical representative of the southern Pannonian style, which pairs well with highly spicy foods due to its high acids. An interesting and clean example as a vineyard behaves differently every year .It will also be interesting which label the winemakers will choose 🙂 ?


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unexpected very good, same as this wine. The second similarity, very jovial too.I admit I do not like Aaron Kwok and I’m not expecting to see him in the comedy, but here he is good, very good. Another proof that prejudice not good.