12th Belgrade wine salon

12_Belgrade_wine_salonNow we can say  that all gossip about the crisis of Belgrade wine salon were incorrect.
12th  Belgrade Wine salon last weekend again excelled as definitely the biggest and the most important wine event in Serbia. 70 wineries from Serbia and the region shown more than 500 of its wine in a great atmosphere and with the many visitors who were full of positive energy. Complete first division of Serbian wine making attended : Ivanovic, Spasic, Botunjac, Radovanovic, Jovic, Janko, Budimir, Matalj, Belo Brdo,Dajic, Aleksic….
Foreigners : this year less winemakers from Croatia (unfortunately, our favorite winemakers from Peljesac were just as visitors) but a very large number of exhibitors and the good wines from Italy, Slovenia, and of course, Macedonia and Montenegro.
Highlights: presentation of a new line of premium wines from “Plantaze 13 jul” winery from Montenegro , “Stobi” and “Tikves” winery from Macedonia, and “Vukoje”from Bosnia. Also most wanted were workshops about matching the best wines from various ages (vertically tastings) from wineries Ivanovic and Radovanovic.

Koporin monastery wineryWorkshop about matching wine from the Koporin monastery winery and winter fasting food,
Thanks to kindness of His Holiness Bishop Ignjatije Midic. who personally led the workshop,i n a very pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, with gastronomic pleasure,  we also heard the nice story about viticulture and wine-making, (Bishop is great connoisseur of it, also very eloquent , talkative and very positive person)
On the table: squid salad + Riesling Italico, pate perch + Rhine Riesling, grilled salmon + Cabernet Saouvignon, snails in sauce + Merlot, and finally (most interesting to us ) cake with dry fruit and whipped cream (cream is of soy milk)

Italia_vino_BeogradFrom the large number of exhibitors from Italy highlight winery Borgo Molino and their well line of Prosecco and very charming representative of Castello di Querceto wineries Mr. Marco and its also a charming wine Chianti Classico.

Plantaze_Vranac_Stari_Podrum“Plantaze 13 JUL ” , the Montenegrin largest winery, for the first time in Belgrade showed their new premium edition of wines “Stari podrum” (Old cellar) “Stari podrum” black label is wine of domestic grape variety Vranac, vinatge 2011 , and red label is blend of 60% Vranac , 20% Merlot and 20% Petit Verdot. (special localities, selected grape harvest, French barique, and all that very, very well integrated). Wines made sparked enthusiasm of all present wine lovers, despite the fact that this edition intended for sale in close market only (for the elite hotels and restaurants).  Also very nice impression about a very young team of technologists and presenter who are behind of this project.