13. Rizling Potkranjacki 2013-15 Jovic winery

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On December 7, 2015
Last modified:November 21, 2020


jovici rizling

2015. Color of light lemon. Smell of green aple and dry herbs.
A pleasant gulp In the mouth, mineral-citrus, a little petroleum in bacgorund.Easy drinking. Nice midle long mineral finish. True performer of his variety, although some say it is too gentle. Definitely “my cup of tea” 🙂 At this moment the best Rhine Riesling here.


2013.Light yellow color with a green nuance, very good clearness. In nose mild, apple and citrus. Medium body. Pleasant acidity on the pallet. In the mouth fresh, citrus and grape taste mixed with some spices.Finish medium to long with crunch fruit acid. Very pleasant drinkable Riesling, not too strong butt with all the good characteristics of the variety.



Name : Rizling Potkranjacki 2013
Style : dry white wine, 12,9 % alc.,
Grape: Rhine Riesling 100%
Producer: Vinarija Jovic winery, http://www.vinarijajovic.rs/
Area: Potkranje, Knjazevac, Knjazevac area, Central Serbia
Price: 8 eur/ bottle 0.75l






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