139. Stota suza 2016 – Vinska kuca Minic winery

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On February 23, 2019
Last modified:February 2, 2019


stota suza minicColor golden yellow, crystal clear. The smell is strong, sweet apple and flowers. Medium body . Ticklish on the palate, in the mouth mildly aromatic with noticeable fruit acids,tropical fruit, apple, and some minerals at background. The alcohol balance is good. Medium long finish , with plenty of crunchy acids.




What else ? It belongs to the royal trinity (Ivanovic-Minic-Spasic) of domestic Tamjanika white wines. We have been following this wine for vintage 2008, and I had the opportunity to drink his non-commercial variant, directly from the barrel. The winemaker deliberately does not unify wine style, depending on the year the tastes are different of strong-aromatic-muscat to fresh-mineral-herbal.





Name : Stota suza 2016-Vinska kuca Minic winery
*** Stota suza = Hundredth teardrop***
Style : dry white wine, 13,5 % alc.
Grape: Ttamjanika white (Muscadine) 100 %
Producer:Vinska kuca Minic winery , https://www.vinskakucaminica.com
Area: Aleksandrovac, 3 Morave area, Central Serbia
Price: 8eur/ bottle 0.75l


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