143. Merlot 2013 – Tarpos winery

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On May 26, 2019
Last modified:May 4, 2019


tarpos merloColor dark,dark red with orange gloss on the rim of the glass. The smell of blackberry and plum jam. Full body.In the mouth corduroy-fruity, mature tannins,without oak .Nice balanced. Medium long finish with noticeable fruit acids.Wine on top of its life, very drinkable.

What else ? Very good Merlot from the Sumadija area, very well known here, but poorly present in the market, becouse the the winemaker devotes more attention to his famous exclusive restaurant (where winery situated too). In the other hand, it is very good for us, wines older than 3 years are very difficult to find here, so thank you Mr Vrbica for saving this Merlot for us :).



Name : Merlot 2013
Style : red dry wine, 14 % alc.
Grape: Merlot 100%
Producer: Tarpos winery, https://vinarijatarpos.rs/
Area: Arandjelovac , Sumadija area, Vojvodina region
Price: 10-12 eur/ bottle 0.75l




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