147. Kanon 2016 Jeremic winery

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On August 2, 2019
Last modified:July 28, 2019


Kanon 2016 Jeremic wineryColor dark ruby with gloss on the rim of the glass. The smell of plum, blackberry and plum jam. Medium body. In the mouth full of taste, cherry, plum and discreet oak. Mild tannins, very good balance. Medium length finish, with pleasant fruit acids. If you’re always up.Still rising.

What else? When the winery Jeremic appeared on the market with its Kanon 2011, it was clear that they were serious people. The full-bodied Bordeaux mix, reposed off three years before the launch of the market, one of the best red wines of that year. Then there was a turnaround about styles and labels (first Kanon label was very elegant,I still do not know why they did it) 2012 brought strong wine with lots of smoke and oak, what was so modern in this time here. 2013 again has a change of style, no smoke, fruity, strong acid, very popular in the Serbian market. With Kanon 2015 and this 2016 it looks like we’re finally coming back with roots 🙂 nice, good balanced Bordeaux mix, very drinkable.



Name : Kanon 2016
Style : dry red wine, 14.5% alc.,
Grape: Merlot, Cabernet S.
Producer: Jeremic winery, http://www.vinarijajeremic.rs/
Area: Smederevo, Beograd area , Central Serbia
Price: 10 eur/ bottle 0.75l


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