152. Crna Tamjanika 2018 – Matalj winery

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On November 11, 2019
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crna tamjanika matalj


Color is red with a touch of orange. The smell of red berries and roses. Body medium to thin. In the mouth raspberry, strawberry and black cherry and a litle bit of sweetness. Excellent balance, mild acids. Medium long finish, fruity and cozy. Extremely drinkable wine.



What else? A very unusual story, wine declared as semi-sweet, but it pairs well with fish and all kinds of foods that are not very spicy. Tamjanika Black or Muscat rose, due to its aromaticity, is a favorite in the Negotin region as an addition to Cabernet Sauvignon and Gamay. There are very rare that it is the main carrier of wine. Winery owner Nikola Mladenovic Matalj is trying to bring back some old, almost extinct grape varieties. This is his fourth vintage of CT, and is the best so far, the year 2018 was very good for red grape here. Also, if you have a dilemma to offer wine to a lady you see for the first time, this will always be the right choice.


Name : Crna Tamjanika 2018
Style : sweet red wine, 12,5 % alc.
Grape: Crna Tamjanika (Muscat rosa) 100 %, late harvest
Producer: Matalj winery http://www.mataljvinarija.rs/
Area: Negotin, Central Serbia
Price: 12-14 eur/ bottle 0.5l






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