157. Flavius 2017 – Imperator winery

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On March 8, 2020
Last modified:March 8, 2020


flavius imperator wineryThe color is golden yellow. The smell of sweet fruits and flowers. Medium body. In the mouth smooth, it slides down to throat. Taste of sweet pear and dried fruit, very aromatic. Excellent balance and not too sweet. The long finish , sweet with little bit of bitternes. Very drinkable wine.

I’ve been following this wine since it shown to the market last summer. It’s amazing how beautiful it matured in a bottle. Due to its aromatic and not too sweet taste, its good for all generations of winelovers. At our family lunch (persons from 24 to 84 years old 🙂 ), everyone was delighted. PS. Another important thing, declared as organic and bio dynamic.

Name : Flavius 2017
Style : semi dry white wine,lateharvest 13% alc.
Grape: Traminer 100 %
Producer: Imperator winery, http://www.imperator.rs
Area: Fruska gora,Vojvodina,Serbia
Price: 12-15 eur/ bottle 0.5 l





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