167. Sedusa 2017 – Sijacki winery

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On July 3, 2020
Last modified:May 17, 2020


sedusasijackiColor dark ruby with glossy hue. The smell of sweet cherry jam. Medium body. In the mouth fruity, raspberry, cherry and jam.  Good balance, mild tannins. Medium long fruity-jamy finish. Very aromatic.


Masterfully work with rare indigenous grape variety. The result is a nice drinkable wine, a lot of domestic flavors from the terrain where it became. Wine as wine was in my childhood, wine made by grapes 🙂



Name : Sedusa 2017 – Sijacki winery
Style : dry red wine, 13,5% alc.
Grape: Seducha 100%
Producer: Vinarija Sijacki winery, https://www.facebook.com/vinarijasijacki/
Area: Banastor,Srem area,Vojvodina
Price: 8 eur/ bottle 0.75l



VIVC10855_SEDUCHASeducha or Crna zelenika,grapes once spread throughout the Pannonian Plain, Hungary, Romania and Yugoslavia.
Very rare in Serbia today, Sijacki winery is the only one who made its for the market.


photo by Ursula Brühl,




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Very unusual and original, sweet sour , with a wonderful after taste.