19. Rondo rose Jeremic winery

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On December 28, 2015
Last modified:January 4, 2020


Rondo rose Jeremic winery
Benetton red color. Nice strong strawberry smell. Medium body. In the mouth very full and rounded. Looks like on semi-sweet, because very fruity. Long finish with a little bitter sweet taste.
Very strong for rose. Interesting.


What else ? First Rose of pure Merlot here, extremely good.  In the next generation  winemaker meet the demand of the market and the current fashion and  made quite a milder variant, that does not deserve 4 stars. I follow and wait hopefully that the Jeremic winery will repeat something like vintage 2012.

Name : Rondo rose 2012
Style : dry rose wine, 13.5% alc.,
Grape: Merlot 100%
Producer: Jeremic winery, http://www.vinarijajeremic.rs/
Area:  Smederevo, Beograd area,, Central Serbia
Price: 8-10 eur/ bottle 0.75l






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