20 th. Wine Jam

20th. Wine Jam

Wine Jam team this time added “Young Guns” in the title of events, to emphasize that the focus of the event was that young people who are just beginning their wine business showing own products to the public. So last weekend we had the opportunity to see the presentation fourteen new wineries and their young owners with very, very good wines,in the intimate atmosphere of the club “Ben Akiba”(Belgrade downtown, bank of the Sava River).

Audience in Win Jam events usually are young and urban people, and this time with the youth in both side amount of positive energy and good vibration was enormous, which contributed to the excellent overall impression of events.
Highlights: New Aglaja white, new Tamjanika 2015 Djordjevic and new Souvignon Blanc from Chichatou winery. (OK, this winery was already few years present on the market with their high quality wine, and deserves category “Top Guns” but their owners are above 30 years, so it is very young :).

And of the rookies : Amazing Rose Prokupac from “Casa vina i prica” winery (currently without a name, on the stand was organized collecting proposals for the name of this wine), then gentle, unusual wine from “Podrum Todorovic” winery, and new Sovignon Blanc from “Vilimonovic” winery. Also we again see Raskovic winery and Kostic winery, new wine hope from Zupa, Aleksandrovac.
And I would like to congratulate the jubilee to Wine Jam team. Twenty (very successful) wine events is behind us, we want ten times more in the future !