22. Carigrad barrique 2008 – Radenkovic WinEcco winery

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On January 17, 2016
Last modified:January 5, 2020



Color dark red with  light brown nuance. Deep smell of cherries, plums and  oak.
Full, hard body. In the mouth, harmonious, plum cherry, earthly- herbaceous  aroma of Prokupac and a nice  incorporated  oak in background.
Tannin  noticeable  and well rounded. Medium  finish with  fruitiness and  little nice acid. Open min 90 minute before drink.


What else? Very robust  wine with obvious sign of  his Serbian origin, in which the winemaker Mr Radenkovic insists. Rumor says  this is a favorite wine of the Crown Prince  Aleksanda Karadjordjevic.



Name : Carigrad   bariqe  2008
Style : dry red wine, 13 % alc, barrique
Grape: blend, Merlot, Cabernet Souvignon, Prokupac
Producer:  Podrum Radenkovic WinEcco  winery
Area: Trnavci,  Aleksandrovac, 3 Morave area, Central Serbia region
Price: 10 eur/ bottle 0.75l

+++Carigrad – the old name to Istanbul, Turkey+++





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