27. Zlatni Italijanski Rizling 2013 / 15 / 17 – Vinum winery

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On February 8, 2016
Last modified:May 4, 2019


vinum italijanski rizling

2017.The color is golden yellow with transparent shine. The smell of white peach and melon. Body medium to strong. In the mouth oil-creamy, green apple, peach and plenty of herbal. Excellent balance (13% alcohol does not feel), mild acid. The medium long finish, oily and fruity. Slightly slower than its predecessors, but with this full of flavor it may be overpower them. Good work, as always.

2015: This vintage is even better. 🙂 . The smell and taste more luxurious than his older brother, the body is fuller In taste, with citrus, occurs also white peach and acid are a less present. Fruity finish, very pleasant.. A true champion of quality.

2013.Color golden yellow.  On the nose fruits and flowers. In the mouth medium-full, citrus and honey, excellent balance, alcohol unnoticed. Very rich taste. Long finish with crisp acids, pleasant and nice rounded.


What else? Seems very noble, unbelievable that this is a “simple” Welsch Resling . For years of the same superior quality. Very quickly disappear in wine-stores.


Name : Zlatni Italijanski Rizling  2013
Style : dry white wine, 12,8% alc.,
Grape: Grasevina 100% (Welsch Resling )
Producer: Vinum wineryy , www.vinum.co.rs
Area: Sremski Karlovci, Srem area, Vojvodina
Price: 5-6 eur/ bottle 0.75l





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