46. Basma 2012 – Podrum Stari dani winery

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On June 5, 2016
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basma stari dani

2015. This is the wine that was released 3 years before it was come on the market (very rare in Serbia). Ruby red color, with orange hue on the edges of the glass. Smell of blackberry jam. Medium body, live in the mouth, raspberry, blackberry and plum. Alcohol is feels a little bit, warming. Mild tannins. Medium long finish, hard , fruity sweet – sour. There is only of little bit of balance miss to this wine be champion, as we have said before, this winery has a very good grape in its vineyards.


2012.Color dark red. In nose, delightful jam blueberry, cherry. The body is medium to light, but very extract. In the mouth blueberry jam and cherry. little chocolate in background. Tannin is here, nice, strong, semi-rounded. The finish is middle, with acceptable fruit acids.


What else? Pleasant surprises for the first presentation. Something above average, (between good and very good). Cellar “Stari Dani” obviously has a good raw material for its vineyards., time for their Pinot Noir is yet to come
Name : Basma 2012
Style : dry red wine, 12 % alc.
Grape: Pino noar 100 %
Producer: Podrum Stari dani  http://staridani.com/
Area: Bujanovac,  Vranje area, Central Serbia
Price: 6 eur/ bottle 0.75l


***Basma is words for incantations, sorcerer, song that are used in magical rites***




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