51. Rose 2014 – Raskovic winery

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On July 7, 2016
Last modified:January 5, 2020


Rose 2014 Raskovic wineryColor raspberry-red., unusually dark for rose wine. In nose, mild strawberry.  Light, medium body. In the mouth strawberries and a little cherry, very smooth.
Excellent balance, alcohols and acids unnoticeable. Short, strong finis, very fruity and refreshing.
Incredibly drinkable rose wine of pure Merlot.

What else ? After the first presentation of this wine at 20 th. Wine Jam, all wine journalists and bloggers here are unique in the assessment that  the one small rookie winery made wine that will be absolute summer hit .We hope that the brothers Raskovic repeat this with vintage 2015 too.
Name : Rose 2014
Style : dry rose wine, 11,5 % alc.
Grape: Merlot 100%
Producer: Podrum Raskovic winery ,
Area: Vitkovo , Aleksandrovac, 3 Morave area, Central Serbia
Price: 6-7eur/ bottle 0.75l




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