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155. Slankamenka 2018 – Stojanovic winery

slankamen vinarija stojanovic

Color dark salmon.Mild smell of red berries and some herbs. In the mouth surprisingly full, red fruit, drain and currant. Beautiful medium intensity fruit acids and good balance. Short finish, fruity pickles and some minerality. Observation: Although this wine is…
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154. Roze 2017- Komuna winery


Color light red, nice. Mild smell of strawberry. Medium body. In the mouth a strawberry with a noticeable fruity acid . Good balance, alcohol does not feel. A short fruity finish full of freshness. Looking for food   What else?…
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Zeljko Garmaz

garmaz promocija beograd

Belgrade promotion of the book “Wine Stories from Istria and Kvarner ” by Zeljko Garmaz. For the first time I was in the event that has entered in the wine-lovers legends here. Hedonist,journalist, adventurer, wine-lover or just “our Zeljko” (full…
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152. Crna Tamjanika 2018 – Matalj winery

    Color is red with a touch of orange. The smell of red berries and roses. Body medium to thin. In the mouth raspberry, strawberry and black cherry and a litle bit of sweetness. Excellent balance, mild acids. Medium…
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151. Carica Milica – Rubin winery

Color ruby red. The smell strong, sweet cherry and blueberry. Medium body, fruity taste, cherry and blueberry. Mild alcohol, unnoticed tannins and strong acids. Medium length finish , fruity sweet, with a high dose of fruity acids. What else ?…
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