Red Wines

58. Game 2012 – Raj winery

Game 2012 - Raj winery

Dark red color with a purple hue.The smell of dark cherry, blackberry and vanilla. Body of medium to full, strong for the Gamay, noticeable acid, strong tannin, a little spice. and much beautiful  wood. Also, alcohol is nicely incorporated (almost…
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52. Siraz 2012 – Rogan winery

Color glamour dark red with purple shade. In nose intensive dark cherry and red berries. Full to medium body. In the mouth velvet texture with noticeable tannin. Taste of blueberry, cherry, pepper and vanilla in the background. Very complex. Long…
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48. Siraz 2010 – Milosavljevic winery

Siraz 2010 Milosavljevic winery

Light maroon color, the smell of dark cherry, and spices. Medium to thin body, but with much fruitiness. In the mouth black cherry and mild plum and spices.Ripe sour cherries that tickles the palate and cherry and spices with a…
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46. Basma 2012 – Podrum Stari dani winery

Color dark red. In nose, delightful jam blueberry, cherry. The body is medium to light, but very extract. In the mouth blueberry jam and cherry. little chocolate in background. Tannin is here, nice, strong, semi-rounded. The finish is middle, with…
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