Rose wines

Vindulo winery RosAnna 2019


Color bright red. The smell of roses and red berries. Body medium. In the mouth drinkable and aromatic, tastes of rose and raspberry. Excellent balance, 13% alcohol is not felt. The finish is medium long, fruity and refreshing. Elegant rose…
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Todorovic winery Rose 2018

Color orange red.Mild smell, raspberries and some dry herbs. Body medium to full, in mouth slow, almost oily, unusual for rose wine. The taste is more herbal than fruity, although the red berries are felt. Long finish, also herbally-fruity. It…
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Delena winery Roselena 2019

delna rosse

Color of red salmon. The smell of strawberries and roses. Body medium to full. In the mouth full of fruit,strawberries and raspberries, almost sweet but still has the necessary dryness.Nice balance, nice freshness. Medium length fruity finish. Very drinkable, but…
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155. Slankamenka 2018 – Stojanovic winery

slankamen vinarija stojanovic

Color dark salmon.Mild smell of red berries and some herbs. In the mouth surprisingly full, red fruit, drain and currant. Beautiful medium intensity fruit acids and good balance. Short finish, fruity pickles and some minerality. Observation: Although this wine is…
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154. Roze 2017- Komuna winery


Color light red, nice. Mild smell of strawberry. Medium body. In the mouth a strawberry with a noticeable fruity acid . Good balance, alcohol does not feel. A short fruity finish full of freshness. Looking for food   What else?…
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144. Rose Brindza 2017- Brindza winery

brindza winery rose

Color light  pink. Mild smell of strawberry and red berries.(When it opens and slightly warms up in the glass smell of  strawberry becomes very intenseive.) Medium body. In the mouth full of taste of strawberry, almost sweet,and little  herbaliness in…
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