White wines

Matijasevic winery Sovinoa 2019


Color shine golden yellow,crystal clear,nice. On the nose a mild elder, a slight lemon and a little herbalism. Body medium to full. In the mouth full of flavor, apple, green peach, a little gooseberry. Phenomenally balanced, fruit acids are there…
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Dzervin podrum 1927 winery Dubravka 2017

Color shine golden light . The mild smell of apples and minerality. Medium body. In the mouth a green apple, minerals and a little petroleum . Noticeable fruit acids. Still, good balance. Medium length finish, with noticeable fruit acids and…
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KM winery Ledeni 2016

Color golden yellow. The smell of a mild green apple and dry grass typical of Riesling. Medium body, green apple in the mouth and nice crunchy acids.Very good balance. Medium long finish, apple-sour, pleasant. Healthy and drinkable wine. What else?…
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Socanski winery Classique 2019

Color light yellow. Smell of apples and citrus. In the mouth slightly, it slides down the throat. The taste of green apple and a little bit of petroleum , real taste of Rhine Riesling , even though it’s still young! …
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Stanimirovic winery Tamjanika 2019


Color golden yellow. Strong smell of flowers and honey. Body medium, sweet apple and peach in the mouth. Excellent balance, mild acids. Medium long finish, aromatic. Very drinkable wine. What else? Domestic Tamjanika grape, in gentle edition, very nice for…
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Vinartos winery Lenka 2018


Golden yellow color, crystal transparent. Nice smell of apple and white peach. Medium body. Nicely glides in the mouth, tastes like an apple and a bit of herbalism in the background. Excellent balanced. Mild, medium long mineral finish. Very drinkable…
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