Cuvee Jokic 2012 Jokic winery

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On July 11, 2016
Last modified:August 2, 2020


Cuvee 2012 Jokic wineryColor dark red, with strong purple component.Smell is strong, blackberries, dark cherry and a little spice in background.
The strong body. On the palate silky, complex structures. Blackberry jam, gooseberry, plum and some chocolate in background. Tannin soft and rounded, alcohol is imperceptible. Finish is long and beautiful, fruity sweet, with a nice fitted acids. Very drinkable.

What else ? Terror and the sun of northern Dalmatia is very evident in this wine, the taste of the “ordinary.” international grape varieties were ennobled in the best way. We followed its since it has launched three years ago, it’s nice ripe now and heading towards its peak. All this and official certificate for purely organic wine makes his little higher price totally acceptable, worth every cent.


Name : Cuvee Jokic
Style :  premuim dry red wine with controlled geographic origin,
Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon 50%, Merlot 25%, Shiraz 25% ,
13,5 % alc.  Organic certificate,
Producer: Jokic winery , http:/
Area: Polaca, Northern Dalmatia, Croatia
Price: 12-15 eur/ bottle 0.75l