Dragic winery Lepuska 2019

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On November 21, 2020
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Color golden yellow. Smell strong and nice, tropical fruits and flowers.Medium body.In the mouth full and aromatic, taste of sweet apples and tropical fruits.Fruity acid medium strength, nicely blended.Finish is short and strong. Very aromatic wine.12% alcohol contributes to it being very drinkable.

What else ?I was attracted to this wine by the composition, both components of the Liza and Sila grapes are local clone cultivars.Also the winery owner.Mr Mile Dragic is the owner of a well-known company for the production of tactical clothing and protective equipment (https://www.armyequipment.com/) Indeed, very high quality equipment, me and many of my IT colleagues are big fans of the same, you just can’t find better clothes to work outside or in cold IT system rooms :). We welcome this its new business move with the winery and we hope that soon the quality of its wines will be equal to the quality of other Dragic products.


Name : Lepuska 2019 Dragic winery
Style : dry white wine, 12 % alc.
Grape: blend, Sila and Liza,domestic clone grape cultivar
Producer: Dragic winery, http://www.vinadragic.com/
Area: Zrenjanin,Banat,Serbia
Price: 8 eur/ bottle 0.75l


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The name Dragic is an association for top-notch military equipment,
and this is a movie where you will see a lot of it.