Merlot 2011 Ferrari-Carano winery

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On June 9, 2016
Last modified:August 2, 2020


Ferrari-Carano Merlot 2011So, our first Californian wine.
Dark  red color. Nose: in first classical plum and berry jam, after opening black cherry, little vanilla, bark and some spices. In mouth wonderful surprise: full bodied, velvet, strong alcohol but beautifully balanced. Very complex taste, plum, blackberries, cherry, granat, dark chocolate, vanilla. Little bit, well integrated tannin. Medium,  dry, but fruitable and well balanced finish with much pleasant tannin and without acidity.  In a few words: very drinkable.

What else? This wine has come a long way from Sonoma County to Serbia (LA, Havana, Toronto, Prague, Belgrade) but we are very grateful to my friend D. Markovic, it was worth. People who have tried it say it is a typical style of the Central European strong red wines. For me, it is very, very good Merlot, impatiently waiting for the next Californian.

Ferrari-Carano Merlot 2011
Vinery : Ferrari Carano , Sonoma County, CA
Grape :  blend: 91% Merlot & 9% Cabernet Sauvignon
Region: Sonoma County, CA, USA
Price:  gift
Remark: open min 30 min before drink