Kovacevic winery Cuvee blanc 2018

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On August 16, 2020
Last modified:July 3, 2021



Lemon color. The smell of tropical fruit and a bit of herbals in the background.Medium body. In the mouth soft, white peach, citrus and a little herbal. Excellent balance, light acidity and 12% alcohol blended great.Medium length finish, fruity and pleasant. Very drinkable wine.
Kovacevic Winery often delights domestic wine lovers with the decision that some wines for which they estimate that are not for the premium category put to the market as blend under another label . Such is the case with this wine, an very good price / quality ratio, and in my personal opinion better than some of wines from the first set.


Name : Cuvee blanc
Style : dry white wine 12,5 % alc.
Grape: blend, Chardonnay,Pinot blanc (unchecked ?)
Producer: Kovacevic winery , http://www.vinarijakovacevic.co.rs
Area :Irig, Fruska Gora, Srem area, Vojvodina
Price: 5-6 eur/ bottle 0.75l


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In my opinion, they have in common : both are perfectly balanced, very tasty and easy drinking.