Masterclass Vini del Sud Italia

Barbara_Maffalda_IgorMasterclass “Wines of Southern Italy” (Vina Italia Sud) organized by ITA – Italian Trade Agency Belgrade, was held 15. Novemberr, 2016 in Belgrade Hyatt hotel.
First we heard welcome speech by the Director of IITA Belgrade Mr. Giovanni Mafodda (left in the photo),  and he has briefly explained the program “Export Sud” (support of the Government of the Republic of Italy for small and medium enterprises from four southern provinces). Things really work, we saw it on the spot, and we can only wish that our government one day would do something similar.

Then the leadership has been took over by oenologist Mrs. Barbara Tambourine, who is well-known by Belgrade wine audience, but I saw her for the first time. The frail and shy lady, it appears, until she starts to speak about the things that she loves, such as wine and Italy,. and from that moment  we could see what the real Italian temperament is, and simply be captured and drawn into her story.


In the beginning, with slides and beautiful short movies , we passed with her through-out the geographic and historical characteristics for all four provinces. we have learned that Calabria have mountains with snow , Sicily is huge, even 5,000,000 million inhabitants and regions with different microclimate, people from Campanila adore festivals, and that mystical women from Apulia , if you let them down, put a poisonous scorpion in your bed … and much more interesting.

And after that, the wine story started. 4 provinces, 10 wines from nine indigenous grape varieties

Italian wine bottles

For left to right :  1. Ciro Bianco Librandi 2015 white, Librandi winery, Greco bianco grape, Calabria
2. Duca Sanfelice 2012 red, Librandi winery , Galioppo grape, Calabria
3 . Feudi Greco di Tufo 2015 white , Feudi di San gregorio winery, Greco di tufo grape, Campania
4. Serpico Irpinia Aglianico 2004 red, Feudi di San gregorio winery, Aglianico grape, Campania
5. Negroamaro Rosatto Talo rose, Cantina San Marzano winery, Negroamaro grape, Apulia
6. Maime Masseria 2010 red, Antinori -Tormarescao, Negroamaro grape, Apulia
7. Talo 2013 red, Cantina San Marzano winery, Primitivo grape, Apulia
8. Sur sur 2015 white , Donnafurgata winery, Grillo grape, Sicilia
9. Santa Cecilia 2010 red, Planeta winery, Nero d Avola grape, Sicilia
10. Ben Rye 2014 white sweet, Donnafurgata winery, Zibibbo grape (Malaga), Sicilia

Italian wine glasses

All of these wines are different in their own way, (maybe that was the choice of the organizers) and for our audience are, mainly, unknown flavors. White wines have a heavy fruity note and quite freshness, red also aromatic, with a strong hint of spice and fruitiness, and strong acidity too.
Judging by the reactions of colleagues in the conference room, the biggest excitement has been caused (from whites)  Freudi Greco di Tuffo, whose mineral taste, mild fruitiness and good balanced acidity turned out to be the right combination . And for red wines , strong fruitiness, nice tannin and good balance of Masseria Maime 2010 was very well received by local wine lovers too. Later, during the lunch, this wine was most requested. It seems that the Negroamaro grapes got a lot of new fans in Serbia.
But .I would mention  and  Duca Sanfelice 2012 red  whose long  and strong spicy finish where you can feel  pepper, cayenne,rosemary, tobacco, leather,. herbs and chocolate was very impressive for me.  And of course  my champion  of masterclass, delicacy from  Pantelleria island

Ben Rye 2014

Ben Rye 2014,  Donnafurgata winery

Beautiful light  amber color, .smell is surprisingly mild for this aromatic wine. In the mouth, a wealth of dried apricots, dried figs, honey. Incredibly long and fresh finish, sweet, with touch of slight bitter taste, caused white some of Mediterranean aromatic herbs.

The wine that can be drunk as a dessert or as an aperitif or anyway. A true Mediterranean, something like Samos but more strong and fresher. Very good choice for the end of this excellent masterclass..







Remark : the organization of the whole event was perfect, everything went as it should be. Timing, the friendly and professional stuff of ITA- Belgrade, comfortable room and trained waiters of Hyatt hotel Belgrade, translating to 3 languages, and at the end, rich meal with exquisite Italian food. The real Italian way, coll, nice and poch.
Eagerly waiting for the next event like this!.  Big TNX to Mr. Giovanni Mafodda and Mr. Igor Lukovic,the chief-editor of the ” Vino i Fino” magazine,  for invitation!,  and also Mrs. Barbara Tamburini for our new knowledge about Italy and its wines.