Smederevka Tikves winery

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On January 8, 2021
Last modified:April 4, 2021



Color bright yellow. The smell of apples and citrus fruits. Bodu medium to light .In the mouth quite calm, the taste of apples and lemons. Acids at a medium level, perfectly blended with the fruity flavors of the wine. Finish medium long, strong, fruity with little minerality. Very drinkable , for all seasons.


As first of all, this is the best-selling white wine in Serbia, and perhaps in the region. It belongs to the category “wines for every day” ,very popular in the spritzers variant, due to its freshness and fruity floral taste and also very good the price-quality ratio.
Last year brought a change in the look of the label and obviously something else. Maybe it was a very good year for white wines or people from Tikves decided to make their best-selling bulk wine a little ennobled, all praise Marko Stojakovic if that is the case, we have a new taste of this wine. The acid level is lower, the taste fuller, pure fruit without florality. OK, it is still a wine from the category for every day, but a great wine, the quality is much ahead of its price category. Conclusion, we really like this new version. 🙂


Name : Smederevka
Style : dry white wine, 11.5 % alc.
Grape: Smederevka 100%
Producer: Tikves winery,
Area: Tikves regia, Macedonia
Price: 2,5 eur/ bottle 1l