Tamjanika No.3/4 2016 Ivanovic winery

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On August 23, 2020
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Hard golden color. Smell of candied fruit, flowers and little spices on background. In the mouth very expressive, fruity and aromatic. Overripe pear, bitter orange peel, mild sweet spicy notes. Excellent balance, 15% alcohols are not felt. Long fruity finish,bitter and sweet , impressible. Note no.1 : it does not to be cold, it can be consumed at any room temperature, it will always give its best !

What else ? Well, as I know, the idea was try modern trends of pairing Tamjanika white (Muscadine) and bariquee. But Gaga Ivanovic would not be happy 🙂 if he did not try to do something non-classical,and the most important something that he likes personally. Some people are good at their job. And some are masters. They say that it is enough to know only three things : when, how and how much :). The content of this wine is declared at 75% Tamjanika blanc and 15% of Sauvignon blanc, but obviously thing is in the last 10%. Rumors say it has a little bit of Rhine Riesling, and a 5%(?) over-fermented Tamjanica blanc that give it such a specific taste.Masterpiece. It is not fair to compare other local white wines with it, because it is otherwise and so ahead.
Note no.2: like some other wines from this winery, it wine does not like to be photographed,so the only useful photo that we have is above. 🙁

Name : Tamjanika No.3/4
Style : dry white wine, 15 % alc.
Grape: blend, Tamjanika 75 %, Sauvignon blanc 15%
Producer: Ivanovic winery , http://www.ivanovicvino.com/
Area: Aleksandrovac, 3 Morave area, Central Serbia
Price: 12-15eur/ bottle 0.75l


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