Vinska Ilegala no.4

“Vinska ilegala” (Wine guerilla) is non-profit organizations of Belgrade wine lovers., which aims is the promotion of small wineries from all over Serbia.. They organized two major wine event in the spring and autumn, and some small in the meantime. Their traditional spring wine event this year was held in an old brewery in the city center, which was turned into a big alternative club.. So, like is always, plenty attended and full of positive energy., 20 wineries and more than 100 wines, highly enough for a Saturday afternoon.
Highlights: of foreign guests: San Tomaso winery from Istria, Croatia and their Malvasia and fantastic Yellow Muscat. Also Parezanin winery, from Bosna and Hercegovina, with domestic white wines Zilavka, very strong and very tasty.
From local wineries nicest surprise was new winery “Arts of wine” from Oplenac, Sumadija area and they’re amazing. light, Shiraz. “Devana”, also new “Erdevik”winery and very charming Merlot rose wine “3 rose koze” (3 pink goats) :), and ” Probus”winery from Sremski Karlovci with very aromatic Blau Fraenkische wine.
And as always feeling at the end that ” Vinska ilegala” make the coolest wine events here :).

Vinska Ilegala no4