Wine Jam Young Guns 2

Good things are repeated, and that’s how it should be.. Wine Jam slowly determines the schedule of its anniversary events and repeats what was good and successful last year. It seems that the end of March will be reserved for the “Young guns” WJ event with emphasis on the presentation of young, beginners wineries and their young owners. It is also very important that the location of maintenance is not changed because totally insane space of the Ben Akiba club. (downtown, near the Sava river) also contributes to the excellent atmosphere of this event, (which you can see in the photos). So “Young Guns” for the second time, more than 20 wineries, half for the first time before the Belgrade audience, and the rest are veterans from last year, some of whom have earned a serious name in the Serbian wine community.
What is represented ? First new “Basha” winery and theirs completely natural ( biodynamic ) red wine from Pinot Grigio ( ! ) with beautiful color and interesting taste. Next “Tri medje i oblak” winery with its natural wine from Grasevina white and excelent Merlot rose wine , another masterful work of technologist Srdjan Lukajic. For the first time, the Belgrade audience had a chance to see “Milanov Podrum”winery from Zabari, (eastern Serbia) known for its Pinot Noir, and of course Djordje Bikicki has  poured  his Tamjanika black wine which will go to the official sale until autumn. From the “old”, well-known, young winemakers highlight  Arsenijevic winery with new Merlot 2015, Rose 2016 from Raskovic winery, Rose 2015 from Lastar winery, as well as Podrum Tosici, Podrum Djordje and Podrum Gajic with a full range of their wines.
Finally, all the blurbs to the organizer for the conception and adequate place of the event .

Wine Jam YoungGuns2