100. Prokupac 2013/15 – Ivanovic winery

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On September 1, 2017
Last modified:May 31, 2017


Prokupac Ivanovic 2013Vintage 2013:Deep red ruby color, smell of dark cherry and ripe raspberry with varietal earth-herbaceous aromas. Medium to full body, in plate fruit and pleasant sec. In the mouth cherry, plum , herbal and wood. Fine and well balanced structure.Nice acidity. Long . pleasant velvet finish, fruity, bitter and some smoky leather.
Vintage 2015: well this is a full hit, obviously a good year for Prokupac. A little bit different style from the forehead, exactly according to our taste 🙂 A full body, very fruity, dark cherry, plum and characteristic earth-herbaceous aromas of Prokupac. Does not have much influence on wood and smoke. And excellently balanced (in the true tradition of winemaker Ivanovic).


What else ? For years, Dragan Ivanovic has stubbornly insisted on the fact that it is possible to make great wines of this grape variety, and made some of them, with a characteristic *taste of Serbia* . Step by step, others winemakers joined to him , so today we have quite a number of high-quality wines from Prokupac, but this wine stay “old boy” of new Serbian wine history. “Must try” category if you want to find out about Serbian wines made of the autochthonous grape varieties.

Name : Prokupac Ivanovic 2013
Style : dry red wine, 13,5 % alc.
Grape: blend, Prokupac 85 %, Cabernet S, Merlot
Producer: Ivanovic winery , http://www.ivanovicvino.com/
Area: Aleksandrovac, 3 Morave area, Central Serbia
Price: 8-9 eur/ bottle 0.75l




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