107. Tamas 2010 – Tanica Pimnice winery

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On December 2, 2017
Last modified:December 2, 2017


Merlot Tanica pimnice wineryColor deep dark red with purple reflections. Smell mild plum jam and a little wood. The body is full. In the mouth lot of extract, very fruity, in the background spices, a some oak. A nice balance, alcohol good integrated. Tannin very noticeable but good rounded. Maturely, at the height of life. Medium length finish, strong, with plenty fruit acid.


What else ? Robust, healthy Merlo without softness and sophistication . Contained the power of the Eastern Serbia, region where it comes from. Winemakers are great wine lovers too, serious people , everything that comes out of the winery is not younger than three years and it is well.
Their Cabernet Sauvignon is famouse in the domestic market.


Name : Tama-s 2010
Style : dry red wine, 14,7 % alc.,
Grape: Merlot 100%
Producer: Tanica Pimnice winery , https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vinarija-Tanica-Pimnice-1885/221963084672665
Area: Brusnik, Negotin area, Central Serbia
Price: 8-10 eur/ bottle 0.75l


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Vigorous , young and willd Aleksey Chadov (like Merlot) , guided by the steady hand of the great master Balabanov.
The result of : strong movie , without big talk and laminating, very good and very drinkable.