132.Srz Pino 2011 – Milovanovic winery

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On October 7, 2018
Last modified:October 6, 2018


Srz Pino Milovanovic wineryColor dark red with a little brown shades on the border. Smell of blueberry jam and small oak in the background. Strong body. In the mouth silk black berries, dark chocolate and a little spicy. Round and mature tannins. A perfectly balanced.  Beautiful medium  long finish. Wine on height of its maturity.


What else ? This is one of the few Serbian wines that we export to Italy (under the name “Darija”,  with diferent label,domestic is very “retro”, but its also contributes to the overall impression about this Pino). And it’s not the only interesting  thing. Vineyards of this Pinoa are located  near of small coal-mine town Lazarevac, a place that is better known for brandy than wine. But in this case, this small hill slope gets one of the best Pino Noar in Serbia, very , very good.


Name : Srz Pino  2011
Style : dry red wine, 13 % alc,
Grape: Pinot noir 100%
Producer:  Vinarija Milovanovic  winery (acca SRZ winery)
Area: Lazarevac,  Beograd  area, Central Serbia
Price: 10-12 eur/ bottle 0.75l




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