134. Slatka mala – Budimir winery

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On November 24, 2018
Last modified:November 15, 2018


skatka mala budimir wineryColor golden yellow. Mild smell, quince and little honey. In the mouth a wonderful sweet (but not too sweet) fruit , a mix of quince, pear and apple. And all of this is very well integrated with mild fruit acids. Alcohol also is well balanced, it does not feel. The ending is long, slightly sweet, with true muscat taste.

What else? The wine that we drink during the interruptions of wine-fairs when we relax with the coffee. Or sometimes in the end like as “goodbye glass”. It can be an aperitif. It is absolutely appropriate for every role. Because of this,its wine enjoys a huge reputation among Serbian wine lovers who are not very in-love with sweet wines.



Name : Slatka mala (Sweet girl)
Style : sweet white wine, 13 % alc.
Grape: Tamjanika white 100 %, late harvest
Producer: Vino Budimir http://www.vinobudimir.com/
Area: Aleksandrovac Zupski, 3 Morave, Central Serbia
Price: 12 eur/ bottle 0.375l



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