138. Yota Prokupac 2016 = Yota winery

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On February 9, 2019
Last modified:February 2, 2019


Yotta ProkupacColor dark ruby with purpleĀ  ring off the glass edge. Mild smell, cherry and plum.Medium body. In the mouth pleasantly, dark cherry, plum and slightly oak, full fruty taste, almost sweet.Mild tannins.Excellent balance.Long finish , with pleasant fruity acids. Very drinkable.

What else? New unknown winery, snobbish label, so it happens that I skips it (without the guilty conscience ) a few times on the domestic wine events. Then I try it, and turned out that is one of the best Prokupaca wines from vintage 2016. The team gathered in the Yotta winery now have a great responsibility, to repeat this with vintage 2017 and 2018.:)



Name : Yotta Prokupac 2016 – Yotta winery
Style : dry red wine, 13 % alc.
Grape: Prokupac !00%
Producer: Yotta winery
Area: Sljivovo,Aleksandrovac, 3 Morave area, Central Serbia
Price: 15eur/ bottle 0.75l




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So, I skiped this movie few times unduly(mostly because of his posters), just like this wine.
Now I have a great recommendation for movi and wine both.