149. Slossberg 2016 – “Dzervin podrum 1927” winery

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On September 1, 2019
Last modified:August 17, 2019


Slossberg 2016 DzervinColor dark ruby red, with purple gloss on the rim of the glass. Smell : strong plum jam. Medium body. In the mouth a jam-like, plum and blackberry, little slowly.Mild tannins, mild  acids.Alcohol slligtly warming before breathing, after some minute is OK. Strong jam-like short finish.

What else ?  Very pleasant surprise from the mountain part of central Serbia :). Huge fruit and vegetable processing company from e Ex-Yugoslavia recently restored and started with new products.Judging by this wine and Riesling which I also have tried, it will be worthwhile .


Name : Slossberg 2016
Style : red dry wine, 14 % alc.
Grape: Merlot 100%
Dzervin podrum 1927, http://www.dzervin.eu/index.html
Area: Knjazevac, Knjazevac area, Central Serbia
Price: 8 eur/ bottle 0.75l






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the mision1999The Mision(Cheung foh) 1999

One of Johnnie To interpretations of the Chinese crime-drama-fun stories. Very original and drinkable, same as this wine.
Also, Dzervin  frontman and my  FB friend Miroslav Cvetkovic also looks a bit like Anthony Wong, in character and in physique both 🙂