160. LILA 2011 – Budimir winery

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On April 11, 2020
Last modified:April 11, 2020


LilaBudimir2011The color is dark purple-red , with orange hue on the glass rim. Smell of a cherry jam and violet. Medium body. In the mouth very elegant, cherry with a little spice in the background (white pepper) and noticeable fruit acids. Tannins do not feel. A medium-long, mild, fruity-spicy finish. Calmer and fresher than a previous vintage .


What else ? The winery, which makes good wines from this domestic variety , intended this version for export. Grapes from vineyards over 100 years old, only the best barrels are selected in the cellar (the rest goes to the market with a different label), wine is aged for at least 2 years in a bottles.. etc. The result is this premium wine, wild Prokupac which is a a little softened, elegant, but yet with a clear terroir. And very tasty. Note: if you find vintage 2008 somewhere, don’t skip it! The wild beauty of Serbia put in a bottle 🙂



Name : Lila 2011
Style : dry red wine,13,5 % alc.
Grape: Prokupac 100 %, domestic grape variety
Producer: Vino Budimir http://www.vinobudimir.com/
Area: Aleksandrovac Zupski, 3 Morave, Central Serbia
Price: 15 eur/ bottle 0.75l
+++ LILA means purple colour in local slang +++






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