162 .Mammoth Pinot Noir 2015

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On May 1, 2020
Last modified:April 25, 2020


jelicpino2015Deep burgundy red color. Nice smell of blackberries . Full body.In the mouth soft and silky, taste of blueberry and blackberry, almost sweet.  Excellent balance, 14.5 alc does not feel. Long smooth fruity finish. Definitely not yet at its peak (also its 2015), we will see how it will develop, it promises a lot.
This wine is not available every season, but when it appears its high quality is clearly noticeable. Miljan Jelic is one of those winemakers who has made his money in other fields of activity (Swarovski regional manager) and he makes wines for his relaxation or to entertain his friends. He also had the good fortune or good feeling when he was planting a vineyard in Pocerina (around Valjevo city) at place where the vineyard had never been for last 200 years. So he found pieces of land which the red varieties like as Pinot noir, Merlot and domestic Prokupac loves so much ! The result of all this is fantastic red wines,which occasionally (3-5 years) occurrences on the domestic wine scene, and stay long remembered by local wine lovers.



Name : Mammoth Pinot Noir 2015
Style : dry red wine, 14,5 % alc.
Grape: Pinot Noir 100%
Producer: Milijan Jelic winery , http://www.milijanjelic.com
Area: Bujacic,Pocerina, Valjevo area,Central Serbia
Price: 15 eur/ bottle 0.75l




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