Delena winery Roselena 2019

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On August 1, 2020
Last modified:July 3, 2021


delena roseColor of red salmon. The smell of strawberries and roses. Body medium to full. In the mouth full of fruit,strawberries and raspberries, almost sweet but still has the necessary dryness.Nice balance, nice freshness. Medium length fruity finish. Very drinkable, but 13% alcohol requires respect, is not beach wine, requires food and a table in a shady place.

What else? The winery now called “Delena” is not new, and has always had interesting wines from their own vineyard (their Traminer is famous). Rumors say that they had several changes of name,business strategy,( and owner ?), and that is why we rarely see its wines on the market. At the end no matter, this is a good wine,typically rose made from Merlot, with a good price / quality ratio.

Name : Roselena 2019
Style : dry rose wine, 13 % alc.
Grape: Merlot
Producer: Delena winery ,
Area: Lipovac,Sumadija area, Central Serbia
Price: 7 eur/ bottle 0.75l


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