Monthly Archive: May 2016

“The restaurant” Wine Jam

Wine Jam Trandanfilovic bistro

This time “Wine Jam” is moved from the downtown in the posh part of the city, where the terrace of one classical restaurant and a small street beside is chosen as a place of events. First sunny day in Belgrade…
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44. Zacinak 2013 – Clevora winery

Zacinak 2013 Clevora winery

Color dark red, the smell of the fruit jam. Medium body. In the mouth silk and rounded, without tannin. Little orange peal, little herbs, tastes almost as if the semi-dry. Medium, mild finish without acid. Unusual is that only 10%…
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43. Harfa Rose 2012 – Jagodinska Vinarija 1897

Harfa rose 2012

Color light salmon . Smell mild raspberry and blueberry. Medium body. In the mouth sweetness, fruit with noticeable acidity. Long finish, but miss some balance , alcohol and acid are quite present, which gives considerable sharpness. .Requires a very strong…
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Vinska kuca Spasic winery Tamjanika Lekcija

2018. Heavy golden white, in the mouth elegant and a bit slow, taste of apples and wild honey, although not very aromatic. Classic. 2017. Surprise, very lively and merrily wine, with more aromaticity and strength than previous editions, but perfectly…
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Vinska Ilegala no.4

“Vinska ilegala” (Wine guerilla) is non-profit organizations of Belgrade wine lovers., which aims is the promotion of small wineries from all over Serbia.. They organized two major wine event in the spring and autumn, and some small in the meantime….
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Tamjanika Ivanovic 2015/18 Ivanovic winery


ColorĀ  lemon yellow with dark yellow shadow. Muscat smell ,incense, basil and citrus and strawberries. Full body. Good tickling in the palate, good balanced. In the mouth nice flavor of fruit and spices. Declared as a dry but it seems…
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