Monthly Archive: July 2016

Amazing Wine arts – Sanja Jankovic

Sanja Jankovic wine arts

Young artist Sanja Jankovic used the wine as a new form of artistic expression. Here are its brief explains how and why does she do it : “I’m always trying to turn everything around in the art. Wine was one of…
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54. Pink Punk 2014 -16 – Chichateu winery

Pink Punk 2014 ,/ 2015 - Chichateu winery

Color salmon pink. Smell of sour cherry. Full body, in the mouth, fruity, the taste of cherries and rosehip, with gentle fruit acids. Very playful, reminiscent of sparkling wines. Finis strong, fruity and fresh.You can drink it with any food…
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53. Tamjanika 2013 – Vilimonovic winery

Tamjanika 2013 - Vilimonovic winery

Color golden yellow, Smell mild quince and a little honey. Medium body. In the mouth very aromatic, pleasant dryness, a little sweet. Very good alcohol balance, and mild acid Medium to short finish, very pleasant and slightly sweet. although it…
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52. Siraz 2012 – Rogan winery

Color glamour dark red with purple shade. In nose intensive dark cherry and red berries. Full to medium body. In the mouth velvet texture with noticeable tannin. Taste of blueberry, cherry, pepper and vanilla in the background. Very complex. Long…
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Third Festival of wines from Sumadija

Oplenac Third Festival of wines from Sumadija

For the third time regional association of winemakers from Sumadija ( Udruzenje vinara Sumadije) made their annual exhibition in the area of old King’s Winery (today a museum ), Oplenac hill, near the Topola town. (More about Kings winery : …
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Cuvee Jokic 2012 Jokic winery

Cuvee 2012 Jokic winery

Color dark red, with strong purple component.Smell is strong, blackberries, dark cherry and a little spice in background. The strong body. On the palate silky, complex structures. Blackberry jam, gooseberry, plum and some chocolate in background. Tannin soft and rounded,…
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