30. Dora Bora 2010 – Somogyi Pincészet winery

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On March 3, 2016
Last modified:January 5, 2020


Dora_Bora Somogyi Pincészet wineryDark ruby color. Nice smell, fruit jam, blackberry, plum and middle dry fig after some time. Full body, In the mouth heavy, much fruit,  good rounded tannin, little acids and dark chocolate and tobacco in background. Long to middle finish , aromatic, with little fruity acid.  Serious wine. Opened minimum 60 min. before drink.


What else? Cabernet from Vojvodina, Merlot from Macedonia. Self- squeezed The wine is aged in barrique oak barrels and bottled only on demand  Made for the birth of the first grandchildren in the family 🙂  ( Dora Bora = Dora¨s wine)

Name : Dora Bora 2010
Style : dry red wine, 14%.,
Grape: blend, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot
Producer: Somogyi Pincészet / Podrum Somogyi , http://sp-wine.com/
Area: Pancevo, South Banat area, Vojvodina region, Serbia
Price: 7-8 eur/ bottle 0.75l






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