44. Zacinak 2013 – Clevora winery

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On May 26, 2016
Last modified:January 5, 2020


Zacinak 2013 Clevora winerColor dark red, the smell of the fruit jam. Medium body. In the mouth silk and rounded, without tannin. Little orange peal, little herbs, tastes almost as if the semi-dry. Medium, mild finish without acid. Unusual is that only 10% of Tamjanika black  (Muscat des roses noir) give a such aromatic taste.

What else? This wine is pure exotic , even for local wine lovers, because these two grape varieties grow only in a small part of Negotin area (eastern Serbia), and only a few wineries make wine from these varieties. Taste is not a classic, some would say that it comes from ancient times and is completely different  from modern “heavy” wines that are popular today. If you are coming to Serbia this wine is on the ” have to ” list for tasting. “Clevora” winery is very exotic too, they have a whole range of fascinating wines from local varieties, we will present all them in the future.



Name : Zacinak 2013
Style : dry red wine, 13% alc.
Grape: Zacinak 90%, Tamjanika black 10%
Producer: Clevora winery https://sr-rs.facebook.com/public/Vinarija-Clevora
Area: Mihailovac, Negotin area, Central Serbia
Price: 8 eur/ bottle 0.75l
+++ Zacinak is Serbian autochthonous grape cultivar as well as Tamjanika black. More about here  Serbian domestic grape +++




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