83. Zamfir – Vinex winery

Zamfir - Vinex wineryColor ripe cherry. In nose thin pleasant raspberries smell.
Body medium to low . On the palate with a little acid, and slight taste. In the mouth aromatic,  without tannin and with a notable fruit acids. In the short finish too much acidity.



What else? A typical representative of “old school” from the socialist era of wines for mass production.  Then it was called “Ruzica ” and constituted a kind of heavy and powerful aromatic rosé wines with higher alcohol.  In the other hand gossips say that this wine exported and sold quite well in the East.  If you like taste of history. maybe 2 eur is not too much.


Name : Zamfir
Style : dry red wine.12% alc.,
Grape: blend, Pinot Noir, Prokupac, Blaufränkisch
Producer: Vinex winery , http://www.vinex.rs
Area: Rekovac, Sumadija area , Central Serbia
Price: 2eur/ bottle 0.75