Vidik 2016 Podrum Milojevic winery

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On March 11, 2017
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2011. Color dark ruby, with brownish hue (obvious 20 months in bariquee) The smell is mild , fruit. On the palate a pleasant bitterness . In the mouth strong and full oft of forest fruits, oak , little bit of spice and nice roundet tannin.. Nice balance. In the medium to short long finish little tannin and nice fruit acid. A pair of gold medals at local wine fairs, very well deserved.

2012. Well, whit this vintage winemaker tried to change the style, and followed fashion trends that dictate a lot of smoke and wood  and at the same time fruitiness and it has not gotten good. Very quickly forgotten.

Vifdik 2013  New name and return to the old style . Smoke is here, fruitiness is here, strength and alcohol and taninin also.
Everything is nice packaed, maybe it needs a little time to settle, although in the bottle wrote vintage 2013 looks like as young.. In any case wine with potential.

Vidik 2015. Recently, at the Obrenovac wine fair we tried vintage 2015 too. The brand new style, less oak influence, more fruitiness and not so strong as older brothers. But i8t is still young,so let’s wait, apparently promising.

Vidik 2016. Touche ! Return of old glory, wine for 5 stars. Probably contributed to the fact that in full maturity, it entered the his 5-th year, and  also 2016 was a very good year for red varieties here.




What else ? Near of Lazarevac town is the largest surface mine coal in Serbia. Very close to the mine there are few vineyards that provide very good Cabernet Sauvignon and white Tamjanika wines. Podrum Milojevic is one of those “mining” winery. They have three types of Cabernet S and this is a premium version, far ahead of the others. Someone in this winery knows how to work with bariquee barrels. 🙂
Name : Vidik 2013
Style : dry red wine, 14%.,
Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon 100%
Producer: Podrum Milojevic winery ,
Area: Zeoke, Lazarevac, Beograd area, Serbia
Price: 10 eur/ bottle 0.75l


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