8th. Wine Salon

8th. Exclusive Wine Salon organized by the Wine Style magazine team , held at the Belgrade hotel “Zira” in the third weekend in April. as usual. This spring festival is a special delight for domestic wine lovers, because of space in which to maintain (luxury hotel “Zira” and its a large hall with a terrace) and the posh prewar style of the whole event. Also, this is (due to maintenance time) festival in which usually first appears wines from the previous harvest so that the experience is complete. This year a very large number of participants, over 40, (indeed, less foreign guests than in previous years)
and a huge number of very good wines (organizers say more than 300) . What we tried ? Much of that  🙂
Recommendations .
The first guests, .Capo winery from Istra, Croatia with  their red Aries (Cabernet Franc) and white Virgo (Malvasia) were very pleasantly surprised at the event. Second is Kozlovic winery with their wide range of white wine , of which especially Muskat Momjanski 2015, amazing semi dry white wine , which is always a feast for the palate. Also on the south side of the Balkans, Macedonia, new Bovin winery and their premium red My Way (Vranac), compelling delicious, expensive .
Domestic highlights :
New, better than ever, “Saga 2015″ (Sauvignon Blan – Semillon) from Bjelica winery, ” Arno” (Sauvignon Blan) from Aleksic winery, also nice Sauvignon Blan from Jeremic winery, “Sonata”, and Vinum winery and their new whites “Golden Riesling” and “Sauvignon Blan” , and one red “Cabernet Franc”from Pusula winery, finally mature, nice and in full force.

This is our five WS Wine salon, it is always good, always different and always full of good wine.. We would like to remain so in the future.

Wine Salon Zira 2016